Digital Roughly Done

My Dad passed away 2 years ago to Cancer. My Dad over the years built two cabins. The first, a small trappers cabin that was build when I was young. We would often visit in the winter months to ice fish and trap furs. The Cabin was called the “Roughly Done” and some of my fondest memories of my childhood came from this small cabin in the woods.

As time passed and we got older the cabin needed to be retired and Dad built a new cabin called “New Roughly Done”. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time in this New Roughly Done as I had moved away by then, but every time we talked on the phone, it was clear, that the new roughly done was one of his passions that he took great pride in. Especially his Solar panels and his battery system that provided electricity to the entire cabin.

He loved to build, to find new solutions to make things easier and to learn.

I never quite got the bug that I wanted to build a cabin in the woods, but I do have a passion for learning.

So, this Blog is my “Digital” Roughly Done. Where I hope that you will find a new solution or idea that will help make things easier for you.